Well…starting Monday, April 27th, 2020

Many of you have already heard the great news that grooming salons have been allowed to re-open in the state of Indiana and I can tell you we ALL are thankful for that!  Last weekend we started doing some upgrades to the boutique and began a reorganization project as well.  We were not anticipating this great news so soon and we are pushing to re-open on Monday, April 27th.   

RETAIL hours for the time being will be as follows:

Monday – 11am until 7pm

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday thru Saturday – 11am until 7pm

Sunday – Noon until 6pm

During these hours, we will only allow 6 people in the store at a time and ask that you maintain the 6-foot distancing recommendations at all times.  You will see additional hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in strategically located areas for all to use as well.  If you are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of illness, we ask that you please not enter the store.  You may call the store and request any items you need and we can then take your payment over the phone and bring your items to the curb/sidewalk for you.


Self-Grooming stations WILL NOT be available when we have full-service grooming appointments going on during this time.  You will now see on our scheduling page available days and times for self-grooming.  These appointment slots are for 1 hour, with a 30-minute break in between to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting in between each appointment.  If you have more than 1 pup that you want to bring in at the same time, give us a call and we will block off the appropriate amount of time for you as our booking system isn’t sophisticated enough to do that on its own.


MANY of you are asking about grooming appointments and here’s the plan.  We are down 1 groomer as Chelsea resigned due to an offer to work at the Veterinary clinic where she also has groomed before all this.  We wish her nothing but the best, but as you can imagine, she will be missed a LOT!  I am actively looking for a replacement, but will not compromise my beliefs in quality over quantity, so it will need to be the right person.

All that to say, we will be rescheduling appointments that were to happen the week of March 23rd first and work our way forward from there.  I truly ask for your patience as we try getting everyone in as soon as possible.   I’d also like to ask folks to be open to trying a new groomer in order to get you in faster.  I am confident we will get back on track in a month or so and will be able to get you back to your preferred groomer then.

In order to follow the state guidelines that were issued, allowing us to open during this time of continued social distancing, the following drop off and pick up procedures will be in place:

                Your groomer will meet you up towards the front of the store wearing a mask. They will then take a sanitized slip lead to secure your pup and ask that you take the collar/harness and leash off and take it with you.  You then can step apart 6 feet to discuss with them the specifics of what you are needing for the groom.  You may then leave and we will call you about 10 minutes before your pup is ready to be picked up.  During this call you can make your payment or you can make it upon entering the shop.  We will have hand sanitizer and wipes available at the check out area, and we will be sanitizing the space and the hardware after each customer has checked out.  Per our usual policy, because we are cageless and do all our pups by appointment, we ask that you be prompt when dropping off and picking up your pup. 

                *If you are a person that is in a high risk group for COVID-19 virus or live with people that are, we are more than happy to have you pull your vehicle up in front of the shop, then call us and your groomer will come out to you to retrieve your pup and discuss your grooming needs.  We will also take your payment over the phone when we call you for pick-up and we will return your pup to your vehicle when you arrive.

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