Bathing & Grooming

Our cage free environment is perfect for making your cat or dog feel comfortable and at home during their bathing and/or grooming experience.


Self-Serve Bathing

If you’ve tried washing your furbaby at home, you are well aware of the difficulties that can occur, not to mention the mess that happens too.  At Bow Wow Meow Boutique, we’re here to assist you by providing a relaxed, pet-focused environment that features 3 professional grooming tubs to accommodate any size pet from tiny to extra-large.  All tubs are waist height to save your back and a walk-up ramp is available providing easier access for older or more timid pups.

*Due to our continued efforts to be COVID-19 cautious, we are requiring appointments for self-bathing.  If you do not see availability to meet your needs on the scheduling calendar, please don't hesitate to call and we may be able to get you in at a time that works.

$15 for your first pet and only $10 for a sibling pet on the same visit!

Each Self-Service Wash Includes:

  • brushes specific for their coat type
  • non-slip tub mats
  • warm water on demand with efficient and effective sprayers
  • safe organic shampoos & conditioners to choose from to accommodate your furbaby‘s specific needs
  • safe and natural ear and eye wipes
  • absorbent towels
  • professional variable speed dryers
  • aprons if you choose

Self-washes can be a fun filled bonding experience for you, your furry children and your entire family in the right environment.  If you have any questions, we’re here to help!  Don’t forget…leave the mess and we’ll clean and sterilize everything before the next guest arrives.

Full Service Bathing & Grooming

In our cage free environment, we schedule appointments for full service options to provide the least amount of stress for your furry baby.  Appointment lengths and pricing can vary due to multiple reasons such as species, breed, size, coat condition and more.

Includes an all over clipper cut, squeaky clean bath, ears & eyes cleaned, nails trimmed & filed, anal glands expressed if necessary, a spritz of cologne and a bandanna.

*Consultation required for scissor cuts or special styling.


Please remember, each furbaby is here for his/her appointment time to create a less stressful experience and they will not be caged at any time. It is important that you pick your pup up within 20 minutes of notification of completion to ensure appointment scheduling runs smoothly for all.

When we’re finished pampering your pet, we’ll text or call you to let you know they’re ready to go.  We encourage you to use this 15 minutes to a few hours to treat yourself to the other great locations in Fountain Square, like 9 Lives Cat CafeFountain Square Brewery, ReCraft, Brew Dog, Mission 27 and so many more.


Everything you find at Bow Wow Meow Boutique is healthy, safe and eco-friendly. We do our best to buy everything we can from local artisans and work to feature the best local pet products at our grooming stations and on our shelves. Our customers love their pets with everything they have and we know they deserve the best!

Conveniently located in Fountain Square!

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