Much like human baby’s, our furbaby’s get enjoyment out of putting everything in their mouth! With that in mind, furbaby parents always need to remember that what goes in, may not always come out! At Bow Wow Meow Boutique we want to provide the safest possible toys we can to keep your baby’s entertained and stick to our guns about products only made here in the USA!

These are our top two picks:

West Paw

This company has been around over 20 years now and they continue to create and produce more fun products all the tie, while staying true to their beliefs of safety and sustainability, they are making great use turning recycled plastics into toys and beds to last a long time!  So much so, they have replacement guarantees to back them up!

Honest Pet Products

Did you know that hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, mildew-free and rot-free?  Additionally, it is one of the strongest plant fibers around, biodegradable and such a great renewable resource we can’t help but LOVE all things hemp at Bow Wow Meow Boutique!  And now we have dug up a company in Wisconsin that makes awesome dog and cat toys out of hemp! They give back to the community in so many ways and we are proud to carry them and get the word out.

Collars, Leashes, and Clothes

I’ll be the first to admit I treat my pets like they are my babies. I not only worry about what goes inside them, but what is on the outside of them too. We are striving to find great local products for the neighborhood furbaby’s to sport about around town in.

These are our top two picks:

Cycle Dog

I believe there is a saying about great things being born out of necessity and Cycle Dog’s collars are to poster child for it!  The state of Oregon is known for their great hiking and biking paths and with that come several popped bicycle tires that were piling up, so this companies founder started making dog collars out of them only to find out the tire product is antimicrobial and keeps the decorative fabric from smelling too!  They make custom designs as well and we can’t wait for people to see our Indiana ones!


Along with winter comes salt and deicing products on the ground our pets must walk on when they are out and about.  These chemicals can cause direct harm to the pads of their feet resulting in cuts, lesions, ulcers and dried cracking skin – all of which can be very painful.  Out of Chicago we have found a stylish paw boot that is made with US sourced fabrics and materials with features that make them not only waterproof, but insulative too and they are comfortable while managing to stay secure and in place.  Keep in mind they can be used to keep your pups feet safe from blistering hot asphalt and wet puddles during summer, spring and fall too!

Grooming Products

These are our top three picks:


Products produced by 4Legger come from that the love of a pet owner that struggled with the loss of her pet to cancer and a battle where she conquered her own cancer. Their products are rigorously inspected by independent oversight of the National Organics Program (NOP) and then certified organic by the USDA. You’ll notice as you use these products that a little goes a long way and that’s great on your pet and your pocketbook!
As we grow, we anticipate the addition of new products that meet our high standards.