Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: For self-grooming, no appointments are necessary.  Please remember to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing to allow for ample time to complete your bath.  For full service bathing or grooming, please call to schedule an appointment due to limited availability of our staff providing these services.

Q: Why can’t I control the temperature of the water?

A: Our water temperatures at the bathing tubs are set at 94-98 degrees. This is very comfortable temperature setting for your pet, because they cannot sweat like humans.  Extremely hot bathing water could result in overheating.  We recommend that before you spray your pet you should test the water temperature due to variance that can occur depending on the time in between baths.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?

A: We believe we have provided everything you need to have great results grooming your own pet at our facility, however you may bring any specialty items you think you may still need.  Please remember that we will not be responsible for any items you bring in and the price for grooming will remain the same.

Q: Will I get wet?

A: We believe we have designed our stations to provide the best experience for you and your pet, however there is always the chance of getting wet when bathing your own pet.  We recommend that you wear slip resistant shoes and clothing that can tolerate any accidental water contact.


1315 Shelby Street
Suite 4
Indianapolis, IN 46203


Sunday: 12pm until 6pm
Monday: 11am until 7pm
Tuesday: CLOSED      Wednesday - Friday             11am until 8pm  Saturday: 10am until 7pm

Everything you find at Bow Wow Meow Boutique is healthy, safe, and eco-friendly.

We do our best to buy everything we can from local artisans and work to feature the best local pet products at our grooming stations and on our shelves. Our customers love their pets with everything they have and deserve the very best.

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