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In our cage free environment, we schedule appointments for full service options to provide the least amount of stress for your furry baby.  Appointment lengths and pricing can vary due to multiple reasons such as species, breed, size, coat condition and more.  

We offer:

  • Full service bathing (Average cost $40) – includes brushing, bathing with our awesome organic products, ears cleaned, eyes cleaned, nails trimmed and anal glands expressed (if needed
  • Full service grooming (Average cost of $60/hour)  – all of the above, plus scissor cuts and/or coats shaved
  • Traditional nail trimming
  • Nail trimming with rotary filing

When we’re finished pampering your pet, we’ll text or call you to let you know they’re ready to go.  We encourage you to use this 15 minutes to a few hours to treat yourself to the other great locations in Fountain Square, like 9 Lives Cat Cafe, Coffee & Table, Fountain Square Brewery, Acceleration Art and Photography, ReCraft and so many more.


Check our calendar for availability

Everything you find at Bow Wow Meow Boutique is healthy, safe, and eco-friendly.

We do our best to buy everything we can from local artisans and work to feature the best local pet products at our grooming stations and on our shelves. Our customers love their pets with everything they have and deserve the very best.

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