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What you need to know

If you’ve tried washing your furbaby at home, you are well aware of the difficulties that can occur, not to mention the mess that happens too.  At Bow Wow Meow Boutique, we’re here to assist you by providing a relaxed, pet-focused environment that features 3 professional grooming tubs to accommodate any size pet from tiny to extra-large.  All tubs are waist height to save your back and a walk-up ramp is available providing easier access for older or more timid pups.

$15 for your first pet and only $10 for a sibling pet on the same visit!

Each Self-Service Wash Includes:

  • brushes specific for their coat type
  • non-slip tub mats
  • warm water on demand with efficient and effective sprayers
  • safe organic shampoos & conditioners to choose from to accommodate your furbaby‘s specific needs
  • safe and natural ear and eye wipes
  • absorbent towels
  • professional variable speed dryers
  • aprons if you choose

Self-washes can be a fun filled bonding experience for you, your furry children and your entire family in the right environment.  If you have any questions, we’re here to help!  Don’t forget…leave the mess and we’ll clean and sterilize everything before the next guest arrives.

Self-Grooming Guidelines

  • Bow Wow Meow requires all pets entering our facilities to be up to date on vaccinations.  Bring a copy of your records with you on the first visit and we’ll make sure you’re in our system and good to go!
  • All pets must be on a 4-foot or shorter leash, or in carriers at all times and under the control of an adult.
  • Children 16 years old and younger must be attended by and under the supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times.
  • Pets must never be left unattended while in our facilities.
  • Pets with flea infestations must be treated prior to entering our facilities.  Please feel free to contact us for treatment suggestions or contact your Veterinarian.
  • For the safety of all our clients, disruptive and/or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave, at management’s discretion. Talk to a manager to discuss options for using services that may be better suited for your pets special needs.
  • To ensure we can accommodate all of our customer’s needs, please try to limit your tub use to no more than 1 hour.
  • Last wash time is 30 minutes before closing.

Important Skunk Policy:  Dogs and humans alike can be very sensitive to the odor of skunk.  The compounds (thiols) that make up a skunks secretion can cause symptoms such as ocular swelling and redness, sneezing, vomiting and general discomfort.  To ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all, our customers wishing to use the self-service washing stations must treat their skunked pets prior to bringing them in for a bath.  If you bring your pet into our facility and our staff determines the odor to be too strong, you may be asked to leave to re-wash your pet prior to coming back.  We recommend using the following at-home skunk remedy to treat your pet prior to bathing.  It is always recommended that you treat your pet as soon as the incident occurs in order to help limit the amount of time the smell lingers on them.

Skunk Remedy

In a plastic bucket, mix together the following ingredients:

  • 1 quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap (Dawn)
  • 1 quart tepid water (if treating larger pets)

Wash pet promptly and thoroughly with the mixture, working the solution deep into the fur. Leave the solution on for about 5 minutes or until the odor is gone. Some heavily oiled areas may require a “rinse and repeat” washing.  Be sure to keep the solution away from your pets eyes as it could also cause severe irritation or injury.  After treatment, thoroughly rinse your pet with tepid tap water.

IMMEDIATELY Pour the spent solution down the drain with running water.

NEVER  store the mixed solution in a closed bottle, sprayer, etc. Pressure will build up until the container bursts, which can cause severe injury.

Proceed with regular bath.


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Everything you find at Bow Wow Meow Boutique is healthy, safe, and eco-friendly.

We do our best to buy everything we can from local artisans and work to feature the best local pet products at our grooming stations and on our shelves. Our customers love their pets with everything they have and deserve the very best.

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